Sunday, July 23, 2017

link to a post

Susan Saxx has a beach read book out and she's written it up on the Decadent Divas blog -- here's the link:

Her part is a little bit lower, so scroll down a bit.

And if you keep scrolling, there's a very nice entry about the journey on improving your writing and finding your way in submissions and publishing. It was a great reminder that this is a journey and I can improve every time!

in between project doldrums

So I'm in between projects at the moment and I need to start something new. I was scrolling through some of the publishing places looking for wanted submission inspirations and am going to let that gel.

I've got a short Christmas-themed story that doesn't currently have a home and am contemplating putting it up at smashwords. My story "In Anger Blooming" that is there has done well (it is free, so why not give it a read?) and it might be nice to have a second story over there.

It is a bit weird to be free-floating without a specific story that I am currently crafting, but also somewhat good.

Oh, and I came across this for any other author out there that might have interest:

Vinspire Publishing is opening up a one day submission opportunity to writers without agents to submit your story to them.

It looks like they want family-friendly young adult, but go and check out their page and see if it works for you!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

tasks done, off to have some fun

I've got my writing tasks done for the morning and now I can go romp and play. I think tacos are in my future!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

for tonight I format

I've been working diligently on two stories this month and tonight I move forward with the final phase: formatting. Everybody has slightly different requirements for what they want stories to look like, so this is always an exercise in following directions. When it is all done, I'm generally pleased to see how tidy my stories look.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

skipping tonight's mosquito feast

I'm skipping my evening walk and staying inside tonight. The mosquitoes will have to go hungry.

The nice thing about reading is that most stories don't focus on mosquitoes, and even if they do, when you put the book down, you haven't actually been bitten.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

all the mosquitoes love me; I hate them

I really, really dislike mosquitoes. I went for a walk this evening and they were out with a vengeance. I came home with 10 bites on my legs and several other near misses where I swatted them before they could jab me. Other nights have not been this bad, but the hot weather, humidity, late summer, high rainfall, etc. have conspired to create perfect conditions for the fiends.

I love to go for walks, and I had been waiting until evening so it wouldn't be so hot and directly under the glare of the sun, but now I've got the little monsters to contend with, I may have to give up walking for a bit. At least until conditions aren't quite so perfect to breed them.

And now I'm itchy....

Thursday, July 13, 2017

working for the weekend

I have a little chant in my head: one more day, one more day.

I'm ready for the weekend to start, that is for sure!

I don't get much writing done during the week, so weekends are important. I have two short stories that need editing this weekend, so I'm looking forward to starting that part of the process.