Saturday, July 20, 2013

critical mass of tomatoes

Each summer I plant more and more tomatoes, with the hopes I will reach some indefinable limit where I have enough for myself and can start to give them away to friends.  After all, what would be better than being handed fresh, summer-warm garden tomatoes?  But I just can't!  I never seem to have enough, and want to eat them all myself!

Of course, I've had a few set-backs.  Moles (or voles, how does one know?) seem to eat them, there's blight, and rust, and weeds.  Drought, and green, squatty worms.  Beetles of an awful sort.

I'm eagerly awaiting the tomatoes.  Right now they are all green, with the slightest hint of blush, the promise of orange and red.  And there will never be *enough*.

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