Saturday, December 7, 2013

I've Been a Long Time Gone....

Hello!!! I'm so sorry to have been missing for so long. It's been a trial for a while now. But finally, the stars are aligned, and I should be around more regularly. I needed some time to get things in order--my personal life is about as busy as my home is cluttered, and today was the first day in I don't even know how long that I didn't have to go *anywhere*. I stayed home the entire time, and I finally had a chance to get things in order. This is a busy time of year anyway, but lately I feel like life has been moving at warp speed. I need a pause button! Life gets busy again for the next four days, as I have to go and do some training for work, but I'm going to try to pop on and say hello. But I'm glad to be on the other side of the whirlwind, and while it isn't exactly calm, it is not quite as seriously busy as it was. Heck, there might even be time to *gasp*, write something! I've managed to find the time to edit for a few people, but I need to focus on my own writing and editing, too. That would be so nice. :-)

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