Wednesday, January 8, 2014

an idea for a fairytale

I had an idea for a fairytale type story recently, and it is sitting like a little nugget in the brain. It's all in the color green in my head, with soft smiles, and a somewhat distant narrative (like a real fairytale that sort so whispers the morals to you, to keep you safe from the villains and the scary parts). But I have so many other projects that cry out for my attention, that I don't know if I should spend my time working on at least the beginning (which I know, although the middle and the ending are fuzzy) or if I should concentrate on the projects that already have beginnings, middles, and ends. Still, the soft, lush greenness of the fairytale keens to me, and I know it will be the sort of bittersweet, salty-sad, trembling heart tale that I love to write best.

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