Friday, October 31, 2014

untitled snippet

I only wrote about 300 words of this little snippet.  I had it all planned out in my head, but this is all there is.  Still, as a short little thing, it works very well.


    "We should get married."  James rubbed the tips of his fingers against the back of Errol's neck where the skin was smooth and warm.  They were curled around each other, still in bed, with the comforter rumpled against them.  Sunlight streamed in through the make-shift curtains that weren't quite the correct size or shape, but right that moment, James loved the way one of the errant streams of sunlight slowly inched it's way across Errol's thigh.

    "Mmm," Errol murmured, shifting slightly.  His eyes were closed and his breathing regular, but he hadn't been actually sleeping.  "Okay."

    The answer took a moment to sink in.  "Okay?" James repeated.  He'd been asking Errol for the past three years to marry him.  He'd fallen in love with Errol almost immediately and, by their first month anniversary, James knew he'd never want to spend his life with anyone else.  It was Errol who held back, concerned about so many different things.  It hadn't stopped James from asking, or suggesting, or bringing it up as a topic in the most gentle of manners.  He'd wanted it to be clear that whenever Errol felt ready, that James was more than willing to make the commitment.  "Did you just say okay?" Clarification was of the utmost importance. 

    Errol opened his eyes a very small fraction of an inch.  "I did.  I do.  Let's get married."

    James stared, letting time slide by for a long, thoughtful moment before finally working the words out of his mouth. "Why? Why now, finally?"

    Errol yawned and stretched sleepily.  His mouth was very close to James' knee and it was a scant distance to stretch before he was peppering James' shin with a cascade of feathered, fluttering kisses.  When he stopped, it was only to blow one last kiss at James.  "Because I love you, you big dope.  And today is perfect."

    "I love you too," James responded.  

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