Tuesday, July 14, 2015

hot hot summer

It's the middle of July now and the weather is getting warm and humid. It's sticky all day and then sticky at night. I love going to walks, but the bugs and the heat make it a challenge!

And the deer are coming out of the woods and eating all sorts of things. I can understand them eating everything in sight in the spring, when there's not a lot to eat, but now? They have so much to choose from! Why must they nibble off all my rosebuds? And the tops of my tomato plants?

Plus, the Japanese beetles are buzzing about in full force, looking metallic and gorgeous, and causing a ruckus and chewing things up, and I saw another cucumber beetle in the garden two days ago. My radishes never developed -- my thumb of radish death strikes again!

But today I had my first ground cherry and it was as sweet and wonderful as I remembered from last year. So it goes, and goes and goes. I must remember to cherish the good things.

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