Thursday, November 5, 2015

angry forms

I was going to post such a vitriolic rant...but I've run out of steam for the moment. I'll get my dander back up again about it at some point. But, since I am in a calm state of mind, I just wanted to say, I am annoyed by forms that are angry. Filling out paperwork and forms is something we all have to do, on-line or on paper, and we put up with it. But sometimes you come across *angry* forms. You know the ones I mean. Lots of bolding and underlining and italicizing and harsh colors. You can almost see the person or people putting the form together, angry themselves because it is never filled out correctly, (or worse, they love the power they hold to force those filling these out to give up so much privacy, so much personal information). All that anger goes into the form, with short, terse language, and dire warnings of 'this will be returned to you', or 'this will be utterly shredded and we won't even inform you about it' if you don't fill out every single box. Why so angry? Why so angry that during the long, long process of developing this form that you *stayed* that angry? Would it hurt so awfully much to develop a pleasant form, or even a neutral one?

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