Monday, January 25, 2016

more ocean, and Simmer

I've gone back to Winter By the Ocean, and am getting a bit more done on that for this upcoming Friday. As usual, these little stories don't always move along the track I originally thought they would. This one is getting a bit more difficult than I thought it would. But I sort of like the way it is getting difficult -- it's stretching the way I tend to write characters, and that's a good thing for me.

In other updates: got to see the cover for Simmer today (new anthology), and it is quite the eye-catcher. Go take a look:

I'm not sure there could be something more suggestive -- the way the fork is impaled on the strawberry, thrust deep into the tender, juiciness of the fruit, and then the chocolate sauce drizzling down, promising to coat sweet and bitter on the tongue, in concert with the tart freshness of the strawberry, and yet in complete contrast to that brightness of summer fruit and sunshine promise, and caught in that splendid moment just as it is making an utter, gooey mess of things....

Well. *fans self* Metaphors are not for the weak, right?

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