Wednesday, March 16, 2016

taking longer in the crafting

I will have a ficlet up for Free Fiction Friday! Sometimes I am jotting it down just hours before the deadline, but this week I knew where I wanted to -- back to the vegetable discussions of Rodney and Freddie, whom I am just starting to get to know -- so I've spent this evening working on the ficlet. Come around on Friday to give it a read!

And I'm also keeping busy with two other projects -- one is an edit of a much older story that could use a good spit and polish, and the other is a story I'm just in the middle of. I usually have a good sense of how long stories are going to be, but not this one. It feels like it could be somewhat long, if I want to go in such a direction, or I could keep it more simple and short, and I'm learning patience with myself for the writing process. Some stories just take longer in the crafting.

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