Sunday, July 10, 2016

all the colors of a single room

I came across an interesting article in Real Simple (August 2011) the other day, since I'm always glancing through magazines new and old. It was called One Word: Color, and it had the same room changed up with four different color schemes. And on the opposite page, there were some accessories in the same color scheme. Here's a link to the on-line version of the article:

As a writing prompt/challenge to myself, I thought I should try to write a ficlet for each room. It's taken me a while. I wrote the first one easily enough, and then waffled on the other three. I couldn't grasp where I wanted to go -- it was the same room after all, could I make the stories different enough? Or would they just be carbon copies of each other. Was I just going to describe the room? Or would there be enough story to surround to location. Finally, today, I had the time to sit down and hash out those other three rooms.

Now that I have everything done, I'll be posting the ficlets for the next few Free Fiction Fridays. So, stay alert, because the stories will be coming.

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