Saturday, August 6, 2016

digging deep in the basement

It has been a particularly hot and humid summer, and while it was cooling off at night, lately it has stopped doing this. Not a lot of air conditioning out this way, so today I am spending most of my day in the basement. It is much cooler down here. It also feels damp, but up top it is humid, so I think it is just a trick. I've got my laptop on my lap (naturally), and coffee at hand (which is empty, so I will have to sojourn to the upper levels to replenish).

I'm going to pop around and do some social media, and remind everyone I'm still here, still writing, and still living medium-sized. (I so badly want to write living large, but honestly, I don't. I have a modest, quiet life. Today's big outing was to the farmer's market. I bought honeycomb, yogurt, and tomatoes. There will probably be pasta primavera for dinner.)

And I'm going to do some writing. I've got a story I'm working on, draft name Pyre Snakes, which won't remain I'm pretty sure, and I'm enjoying the character building and the plotting right now.

Off to coffee-up!

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