Thursday, October 13, 2016

weekend, stuffed to the gills

I really need to work more on planning restful time on weekends. I've been jotting down things on a list (I'm big with lists, I love making them and then crossing off lines) and there is already more on my list than I can accomplish in a single weekend. Of course, since I have an obligation for Sunday, I really only have Friday night and Saturday.

My current list:

-shop for shoes (this sounds like it should be fun, but it isn't, it is necessary)
-go for a bike ride (my one fun thing!)
-grocery shop
-make lunches for the coming week
-fix door molding
-fix screen door
-bring extra things to donation center
-go through enormous pile of mail
-get to the post office and mail off important pieces of mail

Yeah...that's a lot for one Saturday to handle. Well, I'll aim low. Gotta eat, so here's hoping I make it to the supermarket!

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