Monday, April 24, 2017

shout out for science

ScienceMarch was this past weekend and I attended one of the 600+ satellite marches. It was thrilling to see so many people come out for science (and in many places, in the rain, undeterred).

Science should be available to everyone. We should all think critically and check our sources. It is when we blindly follow along that trouble happens. To everyone out there who is pro-science, thank you, and keep on citing those sources and checking your references!

As a writer, I very often write things that are not science based at all. I've written a few ficlets of science fiction (not really my strong genre) and quite a bit in fantasy. You would think that fantasy writing would be entirely the opposite of science, but it isn't. It is a place if imagining, where the mind can make connections that propel forward our understanding of science, of ourselves, of our strengths and weaknesses.

Take benzene for example. The story of Kekule's dream of a snake eating its own tail (the ouroboros that is so famous) helped him finally figure out the molecular structure. (Although some say the story was a hoax. But even if it was -- it just adds another layer of imagination to that of science.)

Here's a link to a nifty doodle on it:

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