Friday, June 16, 2017

upcoming blog posts for Pyresnakes

I've been working diligently behind the scenes to create some very interesting blog posts about content within Pyresnakes (how do I feel about snakes? what about the very strong secondary grandmother character? what genres got all mixed into the story?) and coming up in about 10 days, those posts will go public.

I will be pointing them out and giving links as they go live!

In the meantime, here's the pre-order link to Pyresnakes at Dreamspinner:

And I'm excited to see my story creeping up the rows on the upcoming tab:
I'm on the third line which is juuuuuust below the cut. That sort of thing is important to authors, you know. ;)

Just to re-cap, here's the story teaser:

There is another world existing alongside the one most see everyday, and although it is a place of magic and wonder, the dangers are very real.

Aran, an artist, grew up on his grandmother’s tales of the Side-by-Side world. He never expected his knowledge of folklore would aid his boyfriend, Brandon, in an arson investigation, but the snakes that burst into flames when agitated are something he recalls from those childhood stories.

When Aran vanishes, Brandon knows his time as a State Trooper won’t help find him, so he enlists the aid of Aran’s grandmother, Ruth, and they venture into the Side-by-Side world.

But Aran has no memory of his life prior to crossing between worlds, and he’s enjoying the company of his handsome new companion, Ren. Even if Brandon and Ruth reach him, convincing him to return to his former home won’t be easy. In a contemporary fairy-tale adventure set among forests and trails, Aran must choose between a mystical fantasy world and the man he loves.

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