Saturday, November 18, 2017

upcoming new release: A Piece of Ourselves

My wonderful new Thanksgiving to Christmas story will be released Dec 23rd through Mischief Corner Books:

A Piece of Ourselves
by Tray Ellis

Balancing holidays between two families can make cheerful celebrations into chores. Carson Benedetti's mom has overscheduled the Christmas holidays and she's more than insistent that boyfriend Tynan Harris come into the family fold. There's so much to do Tynan can't find time to bring Carson over to his own family and he feels like they are being left in the dust.

​After dating for nine months, and with their relationship becoming more serious, Tynan's patience is sorely tested by the multitude of Benedetti family traditions keeping them busy. Tynan needs to figure out how to find some breathing room, split their time more fairly, and make Christmas more than just tradition by rote.

I love this cover! The candle has real significance within the story, who can resist a handsome man who rolls up his sleeves like that and means business(!), and the curly-ribbon font used for the title makes me happy every time I follow its flowing swoops!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Thursday, October 26, 2017

grumpy people day

Something got into the water today because the majority of people I came across today were seriously dour. I mean grumpy, snarky, making nasty under-their-breath remarks, answering my word of "thanks" with some type of criticism.

I know the world is pretty harsh right now, and it isn't at all easy to fight that malaise, but don't give up.

Or at least, don't take it out on me.

Monday, October 23, 2017

eggplant in purgatory

I tried an eggplant recipe today and it wasn't terrible. I generally am averse to the flavor of eggplant. I like it okay when it is completely covered up with tomato sauce and cheese and there is frying involved, but the fresh eggplant recipes, not so much. I don't know if I'd try this recipe again, but while I wasn't in love with the flavors, I didn't find it off-putting. I am actively working on this eggplant thing. It's a good vegetable. It'd be nice to actually appreciate it.

I do, however, love the title of the recipe.

autumn stream

I went for a hike last week and took this picture while crossing a stream. It's a little dry, so the water is low, but it is a beautiful spot. Not entirely unlike the river area I'd imagined for Pyresnakes, although that definitely had more water in it! But the rocks are similar.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Editing today.

I apparently have a love of dashing words that don't need dashes. They do make things look more festive! But they do need some weeding out.

To-day I am edit-ing hard-core! ;-P

Thursday, October 19, 2017

reminder post: In Anger Blooming

I haven't mentioned this in a bit, so I think it is time -- and with Halloween just around the corner, this short story has a creepy, spooky element to it that is perfect for reading this time of year.

And, best part, the story is free!
Find it here:

In Anger Blooming summary:

Hayden's hair-trigger temperament blows up spectacularly and he storms out of the house he shares with his boyfriend, Russ. To calm down he sets off for a hike on a nearby trail. Partway up Hayden meets another hiker, Griege, who seems like a friend, but who has a dark side. Griege has been waiting for Hayden and planning his revenge.