Sunday, May 19, 2013

Space and Writing

I don't know about other writers, but I find that I write best in organized, clean spaces. (I suspect perhaps this is true of others, because of the image of the writer in the coffee shop -- coffee shops tend to be generally clean and organized, so they make great spaces in which to concentrate. Otherwise...would writers congregate where there is dirt and dust? Bus stops? Sports games?)

Which can be difficult because my home-keeping skills are never sharp, but only a bit dull, and generally lacking.

So, this weekend, I did a major clean and got everything back on track and spiffy looking. 

Of course, now that I'm exerted all my energies in cleaning, I have none left to write.  So, it'll be an early bed tonight.  But with the place spit-spot and in apple-pie order, when I have time, it'll be straight to the writing, and no longer with the procrastinating since I won't feel guilty for not cleaning.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

plans for the day: gardening

Finally!  A weekend with nothing else to do but get things organized! 

So, today and tomorrow, I'm going to concentrate on my little garden tasks.  I have a bunch of houseplants that require some tending to, and some lovely roses that I just got (June is almost here, and June seems synonymous with roses), and of course, all the tomato plants, basil, and whatnot.  I have a couple grey-blue stoneware pots that I put flowers in, and set at the front, welcoming me home each day with their cheery colors.  I generally pick between impatiens, petunias, and the like.  This year I've got some amazing orange-and-yellow marigolds (also good for cooler times of the year) and some gorgeous lobelia that will go into a hanging pot.

I wasn't much of a flower person for a long time, but in past years I've made an effort to at least recognize the more common flowers, and I quite enjoy being able to recognize them, and plant them around a little bit.  They are always a joyful sight to me.

Oh, yes, also, some writing.  I have three or four story ideas sitting in my brain that I'm mulling around, rolling about.  I should make time to get them out.  If I have the garden area in order, I think sitting on the porch, outside, with the flowers blooming, with my laptop will be an excellent creative space to start to work on writing.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

It was windy today

There's a stiff and gusty wind today. I was riding my bicycle and keeping an eye on the speed gauge. When the wind was quiet, I could hit 11 mph easily. When the wind hit gale force against me, I dropped down to maybe 4 mph!

Writing-wise, I've had some inspiration for a possible story for a sports related theme. Hmmm. This would be my *third* sports related story I've worked on. I'm starting to sense a theme, which is weird, because until this year, I certainly wasn't usually writing about sports.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

all the pretty flowers

I had occasion to drive for a bit yesterday, and the flowers at the moment are stunning.  The daffodils are up, some tulips are up, and then the trees are all flowering.  Crabapples in gorgeous canopies of white, pink, and purple-red are giving the air a sweet scent. In the forest, I saw dogwoods between the taller trees, and their white flowers were stunning to catch a peek of. 

Then, I passed an apple pasture, and all the trees were gilded white with flowers, just waiting to slowly turn into crisp apples in the fall.  Even in the spring, I suppose we must think of fall coming. Then, the lilacs are just beginning to bloom, base first and out to their tips.  The pale lavender is the most common, but I've also caught glimpses of white and the dusky dark-magenta color that I believe may be some sort of heirloom color.

There's a warning for frost for the next two nights, but still, the roses are starting to show up at the garden supply stores, and that's a whole other celebration of flowers!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

first bike ride of the season

I took the bike out and made sure the tires had the correct pressure and then--woooosh! I was putting rubber to the pavement.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

dried beans

I have a soup recipe that calls for dried beans, and they require cooking first.  Why do they take so long?  I pre-soaked them overnight, and then additional hours.  I've got them cooking on the stove now, softening infinitesimally.

What must have been done to the beans in the cans to make them so soft?  *shudders at the horrors*  ;)

More signs of spring...

I saw a hot air balloon in the sky yesterday!

It sort of made me think about seasons in terms of writing. Sometimes the energy of going into or being into a season can generate a lot of passion for a story setting, and then it can be really hard to work on it later when the season has passed.  And even harder to get back into that mindset to edit!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

craving garlic

I had such a craving for garlic tonight (no...not currently writing anything about vampires, that's just a coincidence!), and I made a delicious garlic-caper pasta dish.  And with anchovies.  I know, I know.  Everyone's least favorite food.  But I really *like* them.

Now, I just have to decide...give in to the urge to eat cookies, or be good?