Saturday, May 18, 2013

plans for the day: gardening

Finally!  A weekend with nothing else to do but get things organized! 

So, today and tomorrow, I'm going to concentrate on my little garden tasks.  I have a bunch of houseplants that require some tending to, and some lovely roses that I just got (June is almost here, and June seems synonymous with roses), and of course, all the tomato plants, basil, and whatnot.  I have a couple grey-blue stoneware pots that I put flowers in, and set at the front, welcoming me home each day with their cheery colors.  I generally pick between impatiens, petunias, and the like.  This year I've got some amazing orange-and-yellow marigolds (also good for cooler times of the year) and some gorgeous lobelia that will go into a hanging pot.

I wasn't much of a flower person for a long time, but in past years I've made an effort to at least recognize the more common flowers, and I quite enjoy being able to recognize them, and plant them around a little bit.  They are always a joyful sight to me.

Oh, yes, also, some writing.  I have three or four story ideas sitting in my brain that I'm mulling around, rolling about.  I should make time to get them out.  If I have the garden area in order, I think sitting on the porch, outside, with the flowers blooming, with my laptop will be an excellent creative space to start to work on writing.

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