Saturday, April 20, 2013

The sheep are back!

On my way to work I pass a field.  In this field, in the spring and summer and fall, are a flock of sheep.  (I think a squadron of sheep would sound cooler, but I suppose they are a flock.) I don't know where they go in the winter, but it would be far too cold, even with the lean-tos, for them to stay in the field, so I suppose they winter over in some nice farmer's barn.  But this week, the sheep were back!

I really enjoy watching them as I drive past each day.  They range from dark soot-grey to a vanilla warm-white, and they nibble on the grass and weeds voraciously. Their coats get bigger and bigger and bigger, and then at some point, they get shorn, and show up looking quite less frumpy and all sleeked out.  Not that they're skinny sheep.  They're average sheep shape.

So, it must be spring when the sheep are back in the pasture!

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