Monday, September 16, 2013

Miss America

Congratulations, Miss America!  Miss New York!  Miss Syracuse!  (Who is from Fayetteville!!)

I had a fabulous time at the Miss America party, and being in central New York, very near Fayetteville, NY, we were all cheering for her to win.  How fabulous!!  Hometown girl is crowned!

She really was a strong contender.  Her question answering skills (it seemed like they had a really woefully short time to answer such complex issues) were good, her dancing was phenomenal, and she just seemed to glow the whole competition.  It's hard to tell through a television, of course, but she seems like a kind, friendly person with a lot of energy and dedication.

I'm so proud to have her represent me, and our region, and excited to have her show the beautiful diversity of women everywhere.  We're all different and lovely in our own ways.

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