Sunday, July 20, 2014

wheat paste and other observations

I spent the time doing some research on an idea I had for a very short story (I've been enticed to do some free give-away stories), and it was quite fun. One side component of the story was graffiti, and I've no knowledge of it other than of what I see around me. I learned about wheat paste. Or I should say re-learned. Because I used to play around with that stuff when I was a kid to make paper mache masks (strips of newspaper dipped into it and then placed onto a blown up balloon, allowed to dry, and trimmed, makes an excellent 'face'). Apparently, it can also be used to stick things to walls. It was sort of a lucky find because I was very much unsure about how spray paint can be so manipulated to make good graffiti rather than some of the blocky, runny, not-enticing markings that I've seen. And I learned about some famous graffiti artists that make some beautiful work. Of course, it is still not good to go about defacing other people's properties, I fully recognize that. But at least in fiction, no one is actually put out. Graffiti goes up as easily as it comes down when it is all in the imagination!

Then, the meeting was over and everyone returned, and suddenly all that lovely quiet I had vanished. I definitely need quiet space to do my better writing. I like it best when nobody is around me. Oh, I wish I could be like other writers who can write through the thick of sturm und drang!

On the very good side, just over 900 words were written, I'm letting it sit so I can go back for a hearty edit, and in the meantime, I am trying to figure out a title.

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