Saturday, August 2, 2014

loads of stuff

This weekend so far has been quite nice. I got some exercise in, I spent some time at a party (eating far too much, and weirdly, i just realized, there was no music at all, just a lot of people talking), and I got to spend some time with family. I'm working on some guest posts for How Sweetly the Whippoorwill Sings and for Nuts, Bolts, and Chihuahuas, and I had an idea for fun little short story that might be a good free read. I'm waiting to hear if the little short I submitted for the newsletter is liked/accepted. (If not, I'll still post it here-abouts for reading.) And on Tuesday, my flash fic in the Please Don't Feed the Alligators anthology becomes available. I've still got loads of other things to take care of -- stories to edit, stories to finish writing, a short story I'd like to turn into something longer. Some days the process of writing just seems very slow. I wish I could speed it up!

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