Sunday, October 5, 2014

location, location, location

Just to follow up on my previous post about my current writing mental status. I'm visiting family for the weekend, and it just isn't a very conducive place for writing. There's too much coming and going, and not enough 'comfy' spots to curl up and write undisturbed.

I find this is true for several of the places I regularly frequent (friends and family's homes). I do okay in coffee shops and the like, if I can find a place to sequester myself away and feel unobtrusive, and if there's not a lot of things left undone.

Even at home, I need to have a handle on my errands and chores. If there are things to tidy up, I find I need to get all of that organized before I can curl up and write. It is a bit maddening. I think it has to do with the concept of tidy-mind/tidy-space and also feeling grounded and safe for writing. Writing is such a flaying process sometimes that to do it, the writer needs to start from a very safe space.

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