Tuesday, June 9, 2015

results of the great closet clean out

The great closet clean out is over. I started work at about ten and finished at about four. Six full hours of wrestling and wrangling commenced. Almost all the stuff was pulled from its resting place, resorted, and then returned. I believe the organization to be much superior to the previous. Linens should be more accessible than ever before, and less frequently needed items are buried deeper than ever before. Some things are folded neatly and tucked away into boxes.

Also, some items were dragged out into the light of day, and actually discarded! A few of the items seemed appropriate to give away to others who could use them better than I (or actually use them, rather than their hoarded condition that I conferred upon them). All in all, it was a good day of organizing, although I am convinced my closet items were multiplying. I swear there was more stuff put back in than taken out. Worse...I did waylay some of the items into a different room. So now there's just a new pile of stuff waiting for me to sort it out.....

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