Monday, April 11, 2016

brain, very full

As a learning exercise, I've been doing some reading up on Smashwords. I've got a very short story pretty much read to go (with enormous thanks to AM Leibowitz who helped me out with the polishing -- check out her links! and )

I got through the editing, and 96 pages of the 117 page Style Guide (no where near as bad as I'd heard), and made the hard decisions about front matter and back matter (I think Bookmarks can wait for something that is longer than 8 pages, really, I hope a reader wouldn't get too lost), but now I'm up against...the cover.

I don't need anything fancy, but I've definitely reached my limit for the day on learning now things. (Even to the point of trying to pick a single color for the cover.) Since I'm still mulling over what might be a better title (also a problem!), I'm going to let it rest until next weekend.

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