Monday, May 9, 2016

getting excited!

As a writer, I am generally drawn to m/m stories and romances. But, also as a writer, I just like to tell stories, so sometimes I write different things. I try to write things that are funny or horrific (or horrifically funny, but not funnily horrific, to be sure), or maybe try on a different genre (my sci-fi ficlets for example), or different kinds of characters, and to write whatever else may suit my fancy for an intriguing tale.

To that end, quite a while ago, I submitted a superhero story -- witty and trope-tastic -- to an anthology call, and now it is very close to its release date! May 17th! It's a het story, with a very solid female friendship as well, and is just a bit of roguish fun.

Here's the link!

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