Tuesday, June 7, 2016

too much tennis

I played tennis yesterday for the first time this season (I am a terrible player, the goal is just to get it back over the net, bounces and where it lands are not considered) and today i woke up with a slight pain in my foot. I'm sure it is just overdoing it yesterday, but it is a reminder that I'm older than I feel like on the inside. Of course, it could also be that with the good weather lately (excepting the rain, of course) I've been far more active than I was when things were not so pleasant. I might be overdoing it this whole week, not just yesterday.

I would say, this is a sign I should stay home on my couch and do some writing! Except...the siren call of being outside is too strong this time of year. I'll huddle in my air conditioned room in July when there's no point in going outside unless I want to fry to a crisp. And of course, I keep having good ideas for stories when I'm out exercising -- and I am jotting them down. Come July, I'll be glad to have them.

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