Sunday, February 12, 2017

Free Fiction Friday update

I'm @TrayEllisWrites over at Twitter, and I'm a bit more active over there than here. So I announced this over there already.

After quite a while of hard work, Free Fiction Friday is ending its run. It's not easy to get everyone coordinated, ficlets written, posts done weekly, etc. I applaud that it kept up as long as it did!

I am proud I made most Fridays, even if not all of them.

It was excellent to push myself, to find creativity even when I didn't think I had much going on in the brain cells. But I'm also glad to reach the finish.

I'll probably still have ficlets to share that are short and don't meet length requirements for publishing, though not as often.

I want to focus more on writing longer things and getting more published.

I'd love it if you stuck with me on this journey.

Thank you for being here for the Free Friday Fic, stick around for whatever comes next!

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