Sunday, August 13, 2017

hiking, recovery, and getting stuff done

Went for a grand hike yesterday that depleted my energy, so I ended up napping and sleeping until this morning. Mists at the top of the mountain really obscured any view, but it was still a lovely hike (that also burned loads of calories). I did get to see Ponyo last night, too, which was gorgeous. Such gentle, exciting stories.

Today is for attacking all the things that need doing. Laundry, bills, and those worrisome tiny things you put off until the last moment. They should take five minutes, but take 2 hours because you need one piece of paper with a date on it and you've stuffed it somewhere 'safe', which means it is safe from everyone including yourself and you have no idea where it is.

I've got the laundry on the line to dry. It is sunny and breezy, for once not raining, so that means I'm going to have sheets that smell of fresh air when I sleep on them. My dreams are going to be fantastic when I breathe in Sunday afternoon sunlight and wind all night.

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