Saturday, May 11, 2013

all the pretty flowers

I had occasion to drive for a bit yesterday, and the flowers at the moment are stunning.  The daffodils are up, some tulips are up, and then the trees are all flowering.  Crabapples in gorgeous canopies of white, pink, and purple-red are giving the air a sweet scent. In the forest, I saw dogwoods between the taller trees, and their white flowers were stunning to catch a peek of. 

Then, I passed an apple pasture, and all the trees were gilded white with flowers, just waiting to slowly turn into crisp apples in the fall.  Even in the spring, I suppose we must think of fall coming. Then, the lilacs are just beginning to bloom, base first and out to their tips.  The pale lavender is the most common, but I've also caught glimpses of white and the dusky dark-magenta color that I believe may be some sort of heirloom color.

There's a warning for frost for the next two nights, but still, the roses are starting to show up at the garden supply stores, and that's a whole other celebration of flowers!

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