Friday, November 1, 2013

in search of a better beef stew

My mom made me a very lovely beef stew, and it was quite tasty. But she's very traditional with her beef stew. Meat, potatoes, onions, carrots. Beef stew gravy. I'm not super in love with potatoes in stew. Nor carrots, though I like those moderately better. I realize that readers are now viewing this with horror. Potatoes are the bedrock foundation of dinner! And I love a good baked potato. But I'm just 'meh' about them when they are in stews and soups. I know that I could just leave them out, or substitute turnips or parsnips, etc. But I want something that is a hearty, delicious beef stew that isn't about substitutions. That is a beef stew standing all on its own merits. Does anyone have a good beef stew recipe that is a bit on the different side?

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