Saturday, November 9, 2013

weird little town

Sorry to have been MIA for a bit. I was staying with a friend and things just got busy, and I haven't even cracked open my laptop in about 7 days. WOW. I didn't think I could go that long, but apparently, when you're busy enough, it can happen. But I am traveling again, and had the weirdest little experience. I stopped off in a tiny little town, which seems to be just a few stores on a main corner. And honestly, it was a little bit Twilight Zone. Everyone barely acknowledged me, even when I was right there, unless it was to be somewhat rude in their ignoring me. A guy pulled in at the gas station in front of me (ignoring my having been waiting to pull in), a woman pushed through the doors to the gas station mart, glaring at me as if I was the one in her way (I'd been there first and actually held the door for her), and a few other odds and ends. Just really busy people, breezing through their day, but it was bizarre. I was in a good mood, so it didn't sour me, but I did find it odd. And I wonder how I can turn it into a story. It seems like it could be some kind of a fairytale. Why are the people in this town like this? And if I hadn't gotten out of town before sunset, would it have been dangerous? I do like when something triggers this atmosphere of wondering, because when my hindbrain finally pulls it altogether, I usually end up with a very nice, creepy, spooky tale.

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