Saturday, April 25, 2015

gazing out the window

So, I'm sitting in my writing spot and pondering how best to use my small amount of free time this morning. This is the first Saturday morning since winter started that I have quiet time to myself, a few precious hours to while away or spend being productive, and so many ideas and projects that need attention. None of them could be finished in this small block of time, so I'm hesitant to really dig into them, but its too good a chance to work on something to not start one of them.

Later today I have the start of a massive three day Spring Cleaning. (And I've already etched out a snippet of Oscar and Phillip to mirror that spring cleaning....) There won't be a lot of writing time later, although I will finally get my physical space into better order, and I always find it easier to write when I have more organized surroundings.

Today I see blue skies and hazy white clouds, and the touch of wind upon the old leaves on the ground. The snow is finally gone, and remains of fall linger, but up the hill a little way I do see some darker green -- a very small patch of grass that has already rejuvenated, and a little bit to the left, a clump of shoots that I suspect will be daffodils.

But best of all, in the sunlight outside, which is always a very fine companion for a quiet morning of shuffling along on projects.

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