Sunday, April 12, 2015

have screwdriver, will fix

So, for a little while, I had occasion to carry a small screwdriver around in my pocket. It's astounding how many things you can fix when you suddenly have the tool at your disposal. I went into the bathroom and noticed a screw was coming loose on the hook on the back of the door. *I fixed it.* (This scenario happened more than once. There are a lot of loose screws in bathrooms. And that sounds like a really naughty punchline to a joke!) I was going up a flight of stairs and noticed a screw loose on one of the bannister foundations. Fixed! I was at the gym and noticed a screw loose inside the locker that held one of the hooks. (Apparently, lots of loose hooks in the world. Ba-ding! More joke fodder!)

I started to feel like a miniature superhero, going about, secretly doing good.

Then, I didn't need to carry my small screwdriver around, and really, I didn't want to. It was still heavy and a little pointy and not really good for the seams of my jacket.

But I miss being a secret superhero just a little bit.

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