Thursday, September 3, 2015

sunlight pouring

I got into a short discussion with someone the other day because in regular conversation, I had said something akin to: watch out for sunlight pouring in through your car window, it'll melt an object left on your dashboard. And got looked askance at until I corrected to "sunlight beating in". But I maintain that I like "sunlight pouring". And I wrote a few impromptu sentences on twitter to make myself happy.

Here they are in a group!

Sunlight poured through the car window, raising the temperature inside, and melting all the chocolate intended for Ted's date that night.
Ted raised the window shade and sunlight poured into the room, illuminating his empty bed; if only the chocolate hadn't melted yesterday!
Ed contemplated his dirty clothes on the floor, sunlight pouring across them and the carpet, highlighting all the melted chocolate stains.
Had he made a mistake, Ed wondered, to reject Ted's ruinous chocolate gift, and reject Ted, then go on a chocolate ice cream binge anyway?

Oh, sometimes, I make myself chuckle....

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