Monday, August 31, 2015

delving the mysteries of the closet

I mean an actual closet, not the metaphorical one. ;)

I needed to find several items--a charger for a tablet, a specific pocketbook, and some pens. Somehow, someway, all the pens and pencils in my home have wandered away. I knew I had a stash of them somewhere, but where?

Between having some family stay for awhile, a household emergency, a friend stay for a while, and other life events, the things in my closets have been moved around a lot. A lot, a lot. Stacked, rearranged, and re-ordered. (Who doesn't need to go through the stuff they hide in the closets? I am no different.)

I thought maybe it'd take me a few hours, this past weekend. No, it took an entire day! But I did it. Like a scientist studying the layers of the earth, I dug and dug. I found a bag full of pens! Soon, I found the purse I wanted. But not the charger. Where could it be? At the very bottom-most box, in the very bottom of the bottom-most box, of course. But, I found it!

Along the journey, I found photos of years gone by, knickknacks I didn't even know I'd saved, more papers (the papers will never end, paperless society hurry up and get here), piles of clothes, empty boxes to things well in use, and wire upon wire upon wire. I don't know if these wires go to anything manufactured in this century. But yet, I'm afraid they might go to *something*, and so I am not yet throwing them out. I tucked them back into their box, and shoved them back into the closet. A task for another day.

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