Sunday, August 30, 2015

Awesome Things I Have Done

I have two days to get as much done in my home as humanely possible. I have well far more to do than I can get done, it is certain that I will end the weekend without completing everything necessary, so of course, I am prioritizing. And, of course, it is easy to get distracted and actually do the things that aren't necessary (but perhaps you'd rather do) than the things that are necessary.

So, instead of making a To Do List. I am making a list of things of things I accomplish, as I get them done. I have labeled it: Awesome Things I Have Already Done

This will keep me motivated. I like to see the list grow!

I am also writing the list down in fantastic colors, like purple and green and pink and yellow. That was the first thing on my list -- find out where I stashed my colorful pens!


Awesome Things I Have Already Done

-found pens
-started laundry
-worked out
-sorted a lot of paper
-paid bills
-sorted even more paper
-talked to a friend (caught up) on the phone

Off to do more things!!

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