Thursday, August 6, 2015

headaches, little and mechanical

Had the car into the shop today for somewhat pricey repairs. Potholes ruin everything on cars, but those ruined bits must be fixed.

Other than that scheduled, expensive headache, I also ended up with a wee bit of a real headache. Work's been having trouble maintaining the climate inside -- the heat has been creeping up, and sometimes the air isn't right and it gets amazing humid and the air seems dead, and stuffy. I read a funny article talking about that, what with the new scientific research into how offices are too cold for women, because they've been set for a 154 lb man from the 1960s. (154? How do scientists pick these numbers? Why not 150 lbs? Why not 155 bs?) In the article, it said there are only two office temperatures: too hot, too cold. So, so true....

On a happier note, I will have a little ficlet up for reading tomorrow. It's associated with last week's little fic, and looks at the perspective of the situation from one of the other characters.

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