Sunday, August 30, 2015

more awesome things I have done today

Most of the day is gone now, and I was industrious practically all of it. I'm not quite done with the evening, either. I still have a few tasks I intend to conquer before bedtime.

A continuation of the list of awesome things I've done today

- made food, ate food (not surprisingly, on these days of focus and concentration on cleaning, sometimes I don't make time to do this)
-- folded laundry
-- started more laundry
-- folded laundry again
-- cleaned off the deck
-- washed dishes, cleaned counter-tops, swept and mopped the kitchen floor
-- sorted more papers (I have papers, papers, everywhere!)

I look around, and I feel quite proud of the amount of work I have accomplished. My own sweet little home feels much less like a wreck, and more like a place in progress!

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