Saturday, February 27, 2016

feeling the mojo

Finally. Finally! That cold from last week is finally lifting itself out of my head and chest. I had thought it might settle in there like a permanent resident. It's still lingering a little, but other than keeping boxes of tissues at hand, I'm feeling so much better.

When you get sick, you really have to start prioritizing things. I know I didn't get my free fiction Friday snippets done, but by the end of the work day (which I slogged through, and I felt every hour) and then got myself fed, I just didn't have enough energy to do anything else. I was getting to bed before 9 every night, and sleeping until the last moment in the morning.

It was definitely a good reminder of how even garden-variety colds can really lay us low, and take us out. So kudos to everyone out there dealing with the temporary cold, and extra kudos to those dealing with the non-garden variety sort that aren't defeated in two weeks, and that must be managed on the long term.

So, now, with all this normal energy (not even extra, just average), I'm planning on getting the dog walked, and get out to the store for groceries (how weird, to want something other than soup and juice and tea, and sometimes crackers), and do the hundred other things that need to be done to keep ordinary life moving along. And there will be time for writing today. It's a good, good day.

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