Friday, December 9, 2016

Free Fic: Doozy of a Daydream

Randall tried not to stare, but it was difficult.

The other man waiting alongside him at the bus stop was strikingly handsome. He had a chiseled chin that could have launched a thousand headline news shows. His eyes sparkled with a blue that was found only on rare, expensive china patterns. He was dressed like he was about to pose for a clothing catalogue, in crisp jeans and a bulky grey sweater over a button-up collared shirt.

Randall glanced again and immediately looked away, down the street, as if he were checking for the bus.

This guy didn't seem like the usual sort to ride the bus. He wasn't carrying any bags. He had his cell phone out, but he was idly checking something, not intently trying to manage a problem. Every once in a while, he'd look up, checking for the bus, and then go right back to whiling away the minutes.

Randall wiped his hands on his thighs. He'd been working out at the gym and even though he'd showered, he was still flush from exercise. Standing so close to the handsome stranger did nothing to cool him down.

He wanted to say something to the man, to generate some initial contact. But what could he say? If he could catch the man's eye, perhaps he could smile.

They could chat about the weather, and then laugh about the bus being late. Perhaps the man was new to town and unfamiliar with the bus system. Randall could offer him insight and advice. They'd start talking, the bus would arrive, and they'd get on together.

They'd drift away from the topic of the bus to exploring the city, and restaurants, things to do, sports, bookstores, the best coffee shop, the little market that sold excellent cheese at reduced prices. They'd exchange names and shake hands. Randall would laugh when he realized they both got off at the same stop.

The man would invite him over for coffee. He'd dig out something from his cupboard for dinner, or maybe they'd order pizza. Talking together would be so easy.

Randall would go home eventually, but it would be quite late, and with promises on both sides to meet up again the next day. They'd have dinner together, spend the next few weeks learning everything there was to know about each other, and having sex all the time. Randall would be exhausted from the sex.

Their love would only grow stronger. They'd move in together. When the lease ran out, they'd buy a house together. In time, they'd realize they should be married. Randall would ask the man--no, it'd be better if the man organized some sort of romantic surprise getaway trip. Yes. They'd go away on a mini-vacation and decide to get married.

It would be an elopement of the most egregious sort. Randall's mother would be a little angry, but she'd cry and be happy. They'd have some sort of a house party and invite everyone they knew and loved. There would be rivers of champagne and mounds of snacks and an enormous chiffon cake. Vanilla chiffon with chocolate fudge frosting.

They'd adopt a child. Maybe two or three children. Randall would rescue a kitten. The man would bring home a dog he found in the supermarket parking lot. They'd try to find the dog's family, but the dog would remain with them. The dog would guard their house at night and romp with the children during the day.

There would be piano recitals, student teacher conferences, and varsity baseball games. Vacations to the mountains to learn to ski, and trips to the beach where they would snorkel. Probably someone might get stung by a jellyfish and there'd be an emergency trip to the hospital, but everyone would be safe. They'd all go home full of memories.

The budget would be tight when the children were in college, but they'd manage somehow. Retirement might get pushed back, but they'd have stayed active and healthy. Maybe the man might have slightly high cholesterol, so Randall would learn how to cook with olive oil instead of butter, and they'd eat salads three nights a week.

After the kids graduated and left the house, the man and Randall would find there was time to explore their bodies together again. After years of raising children, they'd have a sexual reawakening. Randall would figure out how to tell a good wine from a bad one, and they'd drink gorgeous reds and call in sick to work so they could worship each other.

There would be grandkids and birthday parties. Maybe a summer house somewhere a bit warmer in the winter. Some volunteering opportunities as they got older. They'd help raise money for charities.

One night, when they were very, very old, they'd go to sleep together, and just never get up. They'd be buried together, and their souls would go to heaven.

Randall smiled.

The man looked up from his cell phone and raised an eyebrow. "You must have gotten some good news today," he said, "you look like the cat that got the cream."

The sound of the bus approaching brought Randall back to reality. "You might say that. It was a doozy of a daydream, that's for sure."

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