Friday, December 30, 2016

Free Fic: The Place To Be

Dustin yawned.

"Getting tired already?" Jason asked. He tipped his flute up and drained down the champagne within.

"No," Dustin protested. He stifled another yawn. "Maybe."

"You still have forty-five minutes to go." Jason waved the now empty flute around. "And I need another drink."

"If you're not careful, you'll be the one who falls asleep." Dustin shook his head. "I just need some fresh air."

"I'll come with you!" Jason draped one arm across Dustin's shoulder.

The champagne flute dangled from his fingers, a few drips of liquid fell from the edge and landed on Dustin's shirt. Jason pushed Dustin toward the door. With his free hand he snagged one of the bottles on a nearby table. Dustin peered at it. Not champagne, but a white wine.

"You don't have to--"

"I want to," Jason said.

He had to release Dustin so they could get through the door and when he did, Dustin realized how hot and sweaty Jason's arm had been. He usually didn't mind Jason. He was funny and charismatic. But he did tend to get annoying when he drank too much.

"Don't you like the party?" Jason asked.

"I do," Dustin said. "I like it. It's just that I had to work today. I got up early and I'm tired."

"Do you have to work tomorrow?" Jason asked.

"No. Not on New Year's Day." Dustin slid sideways, far away from Jason's sweaty hands. The cool air did rouse him, although not as much as needing his wits to keep Jason's grabby hands off him. "This did help. I feel better. Want to go back inside?"

"Not yet," Jason said. He leaned closer. "No one else is out here. It's a nice night." He pursed his lips and tilted his face.

Dustin ducked out and away. "Whoa, there. I appreciate the gesture, but I'm not kissing you."

"Why not?" Jason demanded.

"Because I have a boyfriend. Cam. Remember?"

"Pfft." Jason waved his hand, still holding the empty flute. "He isn't here. He's never here."

"He's working," Dustin said. "In the emergency room. Helping people." Cam did work a lot. But that really was the job. It was a job he loved and that he was good at. Dustin accepted it. In every other way, Cam was perfect. If the small sacrifice necessary was that he went too much time at work, assisting in helping sick people, injured people, then Dustin would get over it.

Dustin eyed Jason. Cam would never have gotten as annoying drunk as that, ever.

As if on cue, Dustin's phone buzzed. He pulled it out and tapped the screen open. [Happy early New Year's! See you at home after midnight! Miss you. Love you.] Dustin felt a fondness wash all through him as he read the text message.

Jason shook his head. "Was that him? You got a dopey expression on your face."

"Yeah, that was him."

Jason rolled his eyes. "Oh, forget you then. You're actually in loooove." Jason stumbled back through the door and into the throng of the party inside.

Dustin tapped back a message. [See you soon. Can't wait to spend another year with you.] He hit the send button and then considered his options. The party was in full swing, growing louder and better by the moment. But he didn't really want to stay. He wanted to be home, waiting, for when Cam returned.

That sounded like the best way he could think of to welcome the new year. Turning on his heel, he headed home.

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