Saturday, August 10, 2013

writing a better blurb

I'm working on the short blurb for my upcoming story (available in mid-September). It feels a bit like writing for the voice-over artists that intone over the movie trailers.  In a world where....
(They just had a great interview on Fresh Air last week with some voice-over actors about a movie that was about voice-over actors.)

But seriously, this is a difficult art!  Make it short, but capture the essence of the story, but without sounding too generic, or too cliche.  That's a tall order!

Okay. Okay.  :)

Any preference between these two?

Frank Ross lost his lover at sea during World War II, but he's waited long enough, and love never dies.  

Frank Ross lost his love during World War II, and has gone to the Navy Memorial to pay his respects.  He finds more than memories, as the wide granite seas await with music and dancing, and a love that never leaves.

I'm leaning toward #2, but it is longer.

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