Friday, February 6, 2015

Free Read: Rainy Day Rain Check

This is a short little thing I wrote off the prompt of imagining something you might do on a rainy day.

Title: Rainy Day Rain Check
genre: m/m romance


The alarm went off at 7 o'clock. Oscar rolled over, hit the snooze, and then spent a minute groaning himself awake. Next to him, Phillip bounced out of bed.

"I'll get the coffee started," Phillip said. "You take a hot shower and wake up."

"Neh," Oscar replied. He didn't have the energy yet to form complete words. It took another minute of rubbing his face to wake up enough to roll to the side of the bed, prop himself up, and struggle to a standing position. Never an early riser, he'd been traveling for work that week, and jetlag was playing tricks on him. He turned off the alarm and clomped his way into the bathroom.

The rush of warm water from the shower head did wake him and by the time he'd shampooed his hair, he was looking forward to the day. Breakfast would be quick since they had to get out to the field before 9 for the game to start. Eggs were easy to make and filling. He'd never believed in the oatmeal sticking to your ribs propaganda.

He rinsed his hair and contemplated shaving in the shower. Or he could go with the scruffy look for the day. Phillip claimed to adore it when Oscar didn't look like he lived in a three-piece suit. He rubbed his chin and the whiskers prickled. Real football players sported unkempt facades, since today was the play-off flag football conference, perhaps it would be lucky to pull in a little of that football mojo. He could even dig out some of the blackening agent and put thick stripes under his eyes. It would make him appear fearless. The other team would never know what hit them.

"Grr," he said softly into the cascade of hot water. A little water trickled into his mouth. He turned away from the shower and tried the sound with a little more force. He was a badass and he was going to rule the gridiron! "Grr!"

The bathroom door opened and Phillip came in. He grinned as he caught the last of the sound. "Hey, tiger," he said, "I have bad news."

"What?" Oscar turned off the water. As it swirled down the drain he realized he could hear the steady drumbeat of rain on the roof. He hadn't been awake enough earlier to hear the rain. That would make the field muddy for the game.

"The field is unplayable. It's been raining all night. Mike says it's a sea of mud."

"But this is football." Oscar pushed aside the shower curtain.

"Yes, but we just reserve the field space from the town, and the maintenance people have canceled it for the day. They'll reschedule us for another weekend."

"I took the redeye two days ago to get back here in time," Oscar said. Having hyped himself up, digesting the change of plans was difficult.

"Yeah, you did," Phillip said. He nudged an old towel off the rack and replaced it with a brand new one. "So, look on the bright side. Instead of flying in today, like you were supposed to, you're already here. And now we have an entire free day ahead of us. With nothing planned."

Oscar smiled. "Well, now since you put it that way." He tugged on Phillip's arm and Phillip stepped into the tub. "Coffee on the way?" he asked as he untied Phillip's bathrobe belt and chucked the whole ensemble on the bathroom floor.

"It's brewing."

"Good. We're going to need a big breakfast after we shower." He pulled the shower curtain closed. "Grr," he said softly, then he turned on the water again, and drowned out the rain pounding on the roof.

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