Saturday, May 16, 2015

Release Day!! Cotton Candy Deceit

It is release day for my story "Cotton Candy Deceit", published by Rooster & Pig Publishing, and available here:

Here's the encapsulating blurb:

Jack Abbott has forbidden his son, Zeke, to attend the local circus. When Zeke goes against his wishes, Jack must rescue him from the clutches of a world he once escaped, but only at the cost of his lover, Jonas. Returning to the circus brings back nightmares, but Jack learns that Jonas is still alive. Now an opportunity arises for Jack to rescue Jonas as well as Zeke, and to stop the dark dealer at the circus… forever.

Here's the incredible cover:

I love this cover. The feel of it hits the mark of the story pitch-perfectly. Also, carousels are awesome.

This story has a little bit of everything, and is one of the stories that I think really captures my style of writing well. It feels almost sepia-toned in some respects, with a timeless air for setting, in that hazy period of early summer when anything is possible. It has a creepy feel to it, with a deep romance to balance the elements of horror. I am overwhelming proud of how this story turned out. It was good, and the editing process at R&P made it great. Also, it has a donkey. And everyone knows that donkeys make for the best stories ever!

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