Sunday, May 10, 2015

wedding season in June

I just realized that wedding season is almost upon us. It starts in May, but hits stride in June. And there are really only so many weekends in the month of June, so competition will be fierce.

Soon, all thoughts will turn to wedding etiquette, and manners, and calligraphy on invitations. I have to admit I sometimes get swept up in all the exuberant romance (the flowers! the beautiful vows! the exchange of rings! the gorgeous dresses!), and sometimes mired in all the details (introductions, apparently, have an order they should be performed in, according to the social status of the two individuals with respect to each other, and the one doing the introductions).

I spent a lot of time reading up on wedding rituals and etiquette, and terminology, when I was working on How Sweetly the Whippoorwill Sings. It made me feel a bit like a secret wedding planner! (Props out to wedding planners -- the stress must be intense!)

So far, though, things are slowing down. My friends are mostly already settled in, and the rush of parties has trickled in recent years. In some ways, I'm glad to avoid those duties, but I do miss the enjoyment of the food and dancing. June is a lovely month in which to make, and witness, promises.

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