Sunday, November 22, 2015

a lesson about pepper

My inexpensive grocery store pepper grinder is about empty (the plastic sort that has an adjustable plastic top), and I thought maybe I could refill it, and not need to purchase another grinder, so I bought just the peppercorns. But, alas, no. There's no way to get the plastic top off without breaking it. So, I have a bounty of peppercorns and no grinder.

Or do I?

I have an infrequently used coffee grinder that can perform the service of grinding! I snatch that out of obscurity from the cupboard and put it to work. I'm happily grinding peppercorns left, right, and center. The problem? I'm used to gauging pepper amount based on how many times I'm grinding the little plastic device and the already ground visual of it, not the pre-ground version of it.

I got a bit carried away, and added way too much pepper to some roasted beets I was making. Those beets were delicious! And my mouth burned for at least a half hour after. Lesson learned. Maybe. Today when I prepped dinner in the slow cooker, I still went a little heavy on the pepper. I bet dinner is going to be amazing.

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