Saturday, January 30, 2016

coffee maker search

The search is on!

My coffee maker died recently and, after having a horrible morning without coffee, I have been searching for the right one to replace the broken one. There are a lot of coffee makers out there in the world. A lot. I'm having a tough time deciding what to get, and sometimes the reviews on the product are not helpful. How can one person find it to be the best appliance of all time and another to find the same machine to be an engineering nightmare? So, I'm still looking. I think I've found the one for me, but it is across town at a store, and I'm not going anywhere near the store until Saturday afternoon is over. Saturday afternoon is resplendent with gobs and gobs of shoppers. I don't need the coffee maker until morning -- I've made due with buying coffee and with making delicious cups of tea so far. My trek for caffeine will take place tonight!

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