Sunday, July 23, 2017

in between project doldrums

So I'm in between projects at the moment and I need to start something new. I was scrolling through some of the publishing places looking for wanted submission inspirations and am going to let that gel.

I've got a short Christmas-themed story that doesn't currently have a home and am contemplating putting it up at smashwords. My story "In Anger Blooming" that is there has done well (it is free, so why not give it a read?) and it might be nice to have a second story over there.

It is a bit weird to be free-floating without a specific story that I am currently crafting, but also somewhat good.

Oh, and I came across this for any other author out there that might have interest:

Vinspire Publishing is opening up a one day submission opportunity to writers without agents to submit your story to them.

It looks like they want family-friendly young adult, but go and check out their page and see if it works for you!

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