Saturday, March 9, 2013

Not the cookbook I was looking for

I tend to buy a lot of books, especially cook books or anything relating to food, and I'd been given a Kindle for my last birthday, so I buy them, download them, and wait for time to read them.  I had a few minutes to look at a book, and I wanted to look over some recipes, and one of the books had a picture of pickled preserves on the front and a cute title (Heaven Preserve Us) and I thought: hmm, I want to make some pickled eggs, maybe there are some good tips in here.  So I tap the cover and start reading...and it is really interesting, and good, but its a story.  I kept going, thinking it was an introduction into why the author had written a preserves book the end of the chapter finally looked.  It was a cozy mystery!  Not a cook book at all. So I'm glad to have started it, but disappointed there wasn't a pickled egg recipe!

I love e-books, but I wonder if this would have happened with a paper-and-glue sort.  I'd have known picking it up that it wasn't the cook book I was aiming for.  Still, not a bad happenstance.  I got to start a new story that I might not have grabbed for a while. Sometimes mistakes can make us happy, too.

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