Monday, March 18, 2013

piano tuning

Today is piano tuning day! 

I inherited a piano from a truly beloved aunt, and I do play a little, though I need to practice more and find someone to give lessons so that I might get a bit better. I had moved awhile ago, and pianos need to settle in to their new homes, and of course, life is always busier than you wish it to be, but today is finally piano tuning day!

The sound of a real piano in the home is just so gorgeous.  It actually feels like a texture next to your skin, and inside your ears and brain.  I love that we have recorded music because it means having music available all the time, which is a luxury we don't even realize anymore, but having real live music is still something to be savored. 

So, the piano is getting tuned, and it is starting to sound lovelier.

Although there's something also beautiful in the strange discordant out-of-tune-ness of some songs played on a piano.  If the piano is out of tune across the board, it can sound hair-raising and ominous in a way that an in-tune piano can't.

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